John Arvid Thomas

John Thomas was born in Butte, Montana, on October 29, 1950, and moved soon after to Las Vegas where he attended school.  He graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1968 where he participated in wrestling, float committee, and president’s cabinet.  He worked as a casino supervisor, his last job being at the Bellagio.  He married his wife, Nancy, in 1987 and they had one daughter.  John had been Nancy’s supervisor at the Marina Hotel.  He was a huge Chicago Cub fan since his wife grew up there.  He also enjoyed woodworking and fantasy football.  He loved his family and was able to see his granddaughter born  three months before he died.  He passed away on April 14, 2015, from pneumonia.  At the time they were living on South 8th Place in the same house where he grew up.